Polyphasic Sleep Discovery

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I've officially decided I'm going to try polyphasic sleep. What a cool thing, to only lose 2-3 hours a day to sleep. It's like living 50% longer, and having more fun doing it (because you proportionally decrease the amount of time that you have to work at your job)! Steve explained the details a lot better than I ever will, so just go visit his site to read about it. Actually, he has tons of worthwhile articles, so read some others too.

I want to try it now, but unfortunately, I have to wait until this semester is over, so I don't screw up my studies. I scheduled a week off of work between this coming Christmas and New Year's (which is are on Mondays so I get both weekends :) ), and I'm going to use it to switch to polyphasic sleep. If it works, I'll try to sustain it for the spring semester. If that goes well, I might never go back. I'm stoked!

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