Polyphasic Sleep/2007-01-03

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It's pretty easy from here on to adjust. Near the end of each cycle, I still get pretty tired, but no worse than a monophasic sleeper would be before going to bed. I think this is supposed to get better as I stabilize. After all, yesterday was only the first day after training.

Last night was a big improvement for alertness and generally feeling well. Although I accidentally dozed off for about an hour at midnight, I had only minor difficulty getting to sleep at 4am. I still need to be more careful not to doze off, though, because that is a habit I want to avoid establishing. Right now, my goal is to get this schedule well-established. Later, I want to goof around with optimizing it, but first I need to be confident that if I screw up my schedule, I will fall back into Uberman's schedule, not my old monophasic schedule. I figure I should wait at least a month before messing with schedule optimizations.

I did an interesting experiment yesterday evening. After I got home from an errand at 8pm, I napped in my car parked in my driveway with my seat reclined. It worked well, and I felt just as rested as I feel from a usual nap. This is important, because there will be times when I can't find a bed or a comfy couch to sleep on. For example, I want to be able to take a day trip another city. This demonstrates that such things won't be a problem. It also means that if I'm out and about running errands on a lazy weekend afternoon, I don't have to rush home to get a nap in on time. For another example, if I'm out with friends, I can just hop in the car for a quick nap.


I woke up from my 8am nap feeling excellent. In fact, I woke up from a vivid dream before my alarm went off; that's supposed to be the perfect nap. However, when I got to work I had trouble staying awake. The strange thing is, I felt totally rested and ready to go when I got to work, and 10 minutes later I was dozing off. I was so tired I took my noon nap an hour early, and accidentally overslept! (I think I forgot to take my phone's alarm out of silent mode.)

I suspect that the reason I dozed off is I woke up a little too long before my alarm went off. I don't remember, but it may have been a full five minutes or more. Considering the nap is only 20 minutes long, that's a big chunk. From now on, at least as long as I'm still stabilizing, I'm going to try to go back to sleep when I wake up early. In retrospect, it makes sense that my body wouldn't really have a good feel for when it's time to wake up yet.

Interestingly, I already feel better at work than I normally felt with monophasic sleep. I don't feel the need for caffeine to get going in the morning anymore, for example (which is good, because I have to avoid it, at least until I finish stabilizing and have a chance to see what caffeine's impact is on me).