Polyphasic Sleep/2007-01-02

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This is my first day back at work since the Friday before Christmas. Last night it was a little rough staying awake, but no worse than if a monophasic sleeper were to try to stay up all night. After my morning nap before work, I felt totally refreshed.

I'm confident I won't have trouble at work, but I very nearly didn't have enough time to get through the rough part on this final attempt. Of course, it would be out of character for a computer scientist to get it done early.  ;)

Tenatively, I'm calling this a success. As long as I don't oversleep or doze off between my night-time naps (those are still difficult), it should be smooth sailing. Yesterday was basically the end of training and today is the first day of, shall we call it, stabilization.

Training for Uberman's Sleep Schedule is definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever attempted. This is mostly because if you give up or mess up, you have to nearly start over. Also, it requires a lot of mental endurance to stick it out through the very worst of it, which lasts about 24 hours. I'm quite proud to have finished training successfully.