Polyphasic Sleep/2006-12-25

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I fell asleep easily, as usual. I woke up easily to a dream, and didn't feel cold or groggy. However, I soon got groggy and was groggy for most of the cycle. We watched a movie, and even though it was a good action movie, we had to pause it several times so I could stretch, walk around, get some chips and a drink, etc to stay awake.


I'm approaching the really rough time of day. I think if I'm in serious danger of falling asleep in the middle of a cycle, I'll just go ahead and take an extra 20-minute nap. This should be better than accidentally dozing for an hour. In some ways, I wonder if it would be easier to switch by simply taking a nap whenever I'm tired (with a minimum of 2 hours between naps) instead of trying to space it out so evenly. The most difficult part is definitely getting my body used to having evenly spaced naps without groggyness inbetween. Waking up, falling asleep, and even getting to REM sleep are all easy to accomplish, and my naps were almost immediately productive even on the first day. Letting my body gradually adjust to not being groggy in the morning at its own rate may ease this. It is absolutely necessary not to oversleep, but perhaps extra naps would ease the transition.


Crap. I overslept by a full hour. I'm fully rested now, of course.  :/ I don't understand why these mornings are so much tougher than the rest of the day. This is really holding me back now.