Polyphasic Sleep/2006-12-24

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My 3:30am nap was a success, but left me disturbingly tired. We had some friends over, and if they hadn't been here, it would have been very tough to stay awake. However, a good conversation can go a long way.

One interesting observation is I always wake up cold. In the past, I tended to get cold when I slept. Several thick blankets are common for me, even on most summer days. However, waking up after a short nap when I'm still very tired seems to exacerbate this a lot. After most of my earlier naps I wasn't cold. However, after the naps where I wake up very groggy, I am extremely cold, but of course I can't fix that by simply putting on a sweatshirt or I'll fall asleep from the warmth.  :/

I'm going to try 20-minute naps instead of 30. Perhaps a shorter nap will help me wake up less groggy. Before, most naps were 20 minutes with 5-10 minutes of falling asleep. Now it'll be 20 minutes total.

Another interesting observation: I was dreaming when I wake up from nearly all of my naps. Dreaming is a good sign, since it happens most vividly during REM sleep. I don't remember whether I was dreaming when I woke up from my last nap, but I'll try to log it from here out and see whether it correlates with waking up cold and groggy.


I slept 20 minutes, woke up to a dream, and was not cold or groggy. This was a lot easier than yesterday's 7:30am nap.


Oops. I just fell asleep setting on the toilet for about 30 minutes. Yes, I even had a leg fall asleep. I guess that counts for my noon nap. Strangely, I just went shopping, and you'd think that would get rid of some sleepyness, but it didn't. I also fell asleep accidentally for at least half an hour before I went shopping.

It's interesting how I was so tired yesterday morning, then very alert last night, and now I'm barely lucid. Clearly my body still has a concept of morning and evening, but now it's backwords. Anyway, this morning is definitely easier than yesterday morning, so I'm making progress.


Excellent nap. I slept 20 minutes and felt completely refreshed afterwords. I'm not sure whether I woke up out of a dream. On my last cycle, I had trouble staying awake. I don't think I'll have any trouble this cycle.


I didn't fall asleep. My energy levels haven't balanced out throughout the day yet. This is the time of day where I have the most energy, so I ended up just relaxing. I was at someone else's house, and there was some noise distracting me from sleeping. Normally noise doesn't bother my sleep, even while I'm falling asleep, but since I wasn't tired, it had more of an impact. It was somewhat refreshing anyway.


This nap got delayed until 12:30 actually. I've noticed that moving a nap by an hour or less doesn't seem to bother me, so I've been looser about my schedule. (I started out very diligent.)