Polyphasic Sleep/2006-12-23

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My 3:30am nap went okay, but my 7:30am nap killed me. I was incredably tired, and although I didn't have trouble waking up, I couldn't stay awake and dozed for an hour or so; this may be a bit of a set-back. My later naps weren't as bad. Surprisingly, I couldn't sleep for my last nap at 11:30pm! I simply wasn't even slightly tired. My sleepyness today varied wildly, from literally falling asleep standing up to not being able to sleep.

Today might not have been very productive in terms of progress because of the set-back, but I hope I'm getting more used to being awake a lot more. Tomorrow I hope it's less variable. If nothing else, I learned that there are times when I'll have to go to extreme measures to stay awake. I may try vigerous exercise or walking the dogs in the cold air next time.

Here's the story of when I accidentally dozed. I'm sleeping on the couch in the living room. That way I'm comfortable enough but it's still easy to get up. When I woke up, I immediately stood up (this is a habit I established immediately starting with my first nap) and walked into the kitchen. I leaned against the doorway between the living room and kitchen for a second to catch my balance, and promptly fell asleep standing up for a few seconds. Then I got some cereal (since I'm still under the illusion of breakfast time, lunch time, and supper time). While I was eating I fell asleep; not between bites as may be expected, but rather with the spoon in my mouth. I was asleep long enough that the cereal started dribbling back into the bowl. Fast forward... After I finished eating, I figured this wouldn't do at all; I need something to really get me going, like exercise. So I hopped on my treadmill and set it for walking speed (I didn't have the balance to run). After five minutes, I stopped the treadmill. This turned out to be a mistake; I promptly fell asleep standing there with my head on my arm which was on the console. After that I sat down again in a chair (being in danger of losing my balance), and dozed for an hour or so.