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Everyone seems to be wondering how I ran out of network ports when I have two 8-port switches and why I had to buy a 16-port switch. *chuckle* Here's the breakdown:

Private net:

  • Elrond (my FreeBSD workstation)
  • Gandalf (my Windows workstation)
  • Legolas (my laptop)
  • Strider (my old laptop)
  • Radagast (Kristi's Windows workstation)
  • Bombadil (gaming machine connected to my projector)
  • Gimli (TiVo in the living room)
  • Gloin (TiVo in the exercise room)
  • Delving (headless apps: backups, serial consoles, mp3 player, etc)


  • Smaug (server for me and friends, mostly shells, email, and web sites)
  • Ivybush (server for web apps that store sensitive data in world-readable files)
  • 5 Hosted computers

Plus Cirdan (my FreeBSD firewall) is connected to both, of course. Also, I always forget Ancalagon, my off-site backup DNS.