Eye Correction/2008-09-02

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I quit using eye drops entirely two months ago, and have no dryness. An eye exam today confirmed no problems. I'd say this concludes the adventure.

I like the results. Glasses caused far more artifacts than the tiny bit of aberration that remains (halos). I can definitely see better now than I could with glasses, because there are no scratched lenses, etc. The only care my eyes need is a yearly exam, now that the dryness is gone. I was a low-risk candidate to begin with, and I would have been reluctant otherwise, because vision is one of the worst things to lose. Some people asked about my night vision. It's at least as good as it was before. I hear there's a risk of difficulty seeing in the dark, but I never had any difficulties with that. As expected, my eyes took awhile to fully heal after the procedure, but it was definitely worth both the hassle and the money. Eventually I'll need reading glasses like everyone else with good distance vision, but that's far better than needing bifocals.