Eye Correction/2007-12-16

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Subconjunctival hemorrhaging in my eyes

I forgot to mention, that my eyes have these crazy looking red spots on them. These are called subconjunctival hemorrhages, and are a normal transient side effect. They have faded a bit, but it's taking a long time. I took this picture just yesterday, and it's been over two weeks now since the surgery.

How I measured the halos

I thought of a way to measure the halos. I wish I had measured them before to see progress. Oh well, I can still start now. In a dark room, a standard yellow Christmas tree light has a halo that's about 1 inch in diameter at 24 inches from my eyes. (The halo actually looks a lot like the one in the picture around the yellow bulb.) The halos are most visible in high-contrast situations. They are most visible around oncoming headlights while driving at night. (While very noticable, I can see through them without difficulty, so they don't cause a problem while driving.) They were quite distracting while using a computer two weeks ago, but now they are just barely visible on a computer. Looking around a well-lit room or while outside in sunlight, I don't notice them at all since everything is about the same brightness. Their angular size (or alternatively, their size in relation to my field of vision) seems to depend solely on the contrast, meaning a brighter light or a darker background makes it worse, and the distance to the light source doesn't matter much. Headlights on the interstate look huge, especially at a distance, and at times even bleen over to my side of the road when there's a ditch between me and oncoming traffic. In town they seem much smaller, but only because cars are much closer, so the road represents a much larger part of what I see; in other words, the angular size is about the same.