Eye Correction/2007-11-29

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Today I had my day-after exam. Everything seems to be going well. I can see great, except that all the light sources have large halos around them. The doctor put a colored dye in my eyes that fluoresces so he can see bad stuff in his microscope more easily. He said the halos will go away as my eyes heal, and I'm healing better than average. They're caused by the incomplete bond between the flaps and the rest of my corneas. The bond is scattering some light causing brighter lights to obscure the darkness around them. It's especially noticable in high-contrast situations, such as approaching headlights or desk lamps. If I'm reading a book or in bright sunlight, they're entirely invisible. Computer monitors usually look pretty bad. Also, my eyes are pretty dry, and I sometimes need to use wetting drops once an hour or more, and my left eye still seems more uncomfortable than the right (although the doc wasn't worried about it). When they cut the flaps, they sever the nerves that sense how dry my eyes are, and that's what causes the dryness. That'll get better as the nerves grow back. It's not a big deal to me (as long as it gets better), and I can do most of my normal activities. I'm not supposed to do things that might dry out my eyes though, such as using a computer, watching TV, going outside in the cold wind, etc. For this reason I'm not going back to work until Monday. (Today is Thursday.)