Eye Correction/2007-10-30

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Today I had a consultation with Dr. Larry Womack and Dr. John Mari at TLC Laser Eye Center in Fargo, ND. They did a number of exams, such as measuring my current required correction (about -6 myopia), checking whether my eyes are too dry, and measuring my pupil sizes. A really neat test they did makes an image of surfaces of my corneas and prints it for us to look at and later sends its output to the surgical laser. They said that according to the exams I couldn't be a better candidate; there were no warning signs that we'd have less than an excellent result. I chose Dr. Womack because he's one of the top surgeons in the country and performed something like 20,000 surgeries to date. Also, TLC Laser Eye Centers will provide a lifetime guarantee that they'll correct my vision again later free of charge if my eyes should change such that I need correction again (it'll cost $3500 total, and while I don't mind paying it once I'll be pretty disappointed if I had to pay for it again in 10 years). They also use the VISX CustomVue WaveFront guided vision correction system, which as I understand it, maps out the exact shapes of the corneas for more precise correction. As usual, there are risks of side-effects; some possibilities are permanent dry eye, night vision problems, glare around lights, being unable to correct to at least 20/20. They say I'll probably experience some of these during the healing period, but it's very unusual for them to last more than 6 months, and they're usually gone after a few weeks.