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I had this weird dream last night.

I was driving through customs with several people I know well (but the dream didn't identify who they were). We only had one car for our group, which was mine. To get through, we had to help them improve their customs building a little (the building was a rotting wooden shack), since forcing everyone to do a trivial amount makes it "free". We were in the middle of a forest on a two-lane road though. (You know the place; it's where I-29 crosses the river that marks the Canadian border as a curvy two-lane road in the thick forest of hilly north-eastern North Dakota.)

Something started throwing trees at us. We all jumped in the other car even though it made more sense not to leave either of our cars behind. Since we were running out of space in the car because mine was left behind (20 feet away), I unmounted /tmp so we could buckle seatbelts and get going before a tree hit the car. I figured I'd run newfs on the new smaller /tmp after we were well into Canada.

The dream was at least as senseless and disconnected from reality as this description.