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I've been using Google Analytics on, and here are some interesting statistics for 2009. It averaged 65 "visits" per day. Google Analytics is tracking visits, page views, unique visitors, time on site, page views per visit, etc. While I don't place a lot of faith in what a "visit" is, they are at least making some sort of educated useful guess. It's probably using some highly evil cookie magic but I find the information useful. Obviously probably varies a little from Internet statistics at large; note the large numbers for Linux (which probably includes FreeBSD users with browsers running under Linux emulation). However, I'd expect that the things shown as less than 2% here are still negligible for average public web sites. These are all ratios of "visits", for the whole year of 2009.

Browsers: Firefox got 60%, IE got 19%, Chrome Safari Opera Mozilla each got 4-5%. Konquerer got 0.69%. SeaMonkey got 0.29%. Various mobile and obscure browsers follow, such as 1 visit from a Playstation 3. Out of the IE browsers, IE6 got 33%, IE7 got 45%, IE8 got 22%, IE999.1 got 6 visits (?), and older versions totaled just 6 visits. Of Firefox, almost nobody runs versions older than 3 anymore.

Resultions: 1280x1024 is most common at 22%. Roughly 98% are 1024x768 or larger.

Flash: "(not set)" got 7%. (I suspect this includes people who don't have it installed.) Variations of 9 and 10 together got 91%. 2% are older versions.

OS: Windows got 62%. Linux got 27%. MacOS got 9%. FreeBSD got 1.5%. (FreeBSD is probably higher since browsers running under Linux emulation are most likely counted incorrectly.)

Colors: 32-bit got 58%, 24-bit got 37%, 16-bit got 4%, and the rest got less than 20 visits together.

Java: 81%. (There's no breakdown.)

Various surprises: Apparently Firefox on Linux (21%) beats IE on Windows (19%). One visit reported 4-bit color and two reported 11-bit color. IE has lost a *lot* of popularity; even though probably draws fewer IE users as the average site, I'm still surprised to see 62% from Windows and only 19% from IE, so only 30% of these Windows users are using IE. Netscape will rise again!

While doing anything that doesn't represent a wild guess requires gathering specific statistics for the site in question, this is still generally interesting.