Aleph One, Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit

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[2006-05-13.00:46:11] <bilbo> Okay so I'm reading these research papers ... formal papers published in journals etc
[2006-05-13.00:46:30] <bilbo> Many of them cite, "Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit", by Aleph One
[2006-05-13.00:46:49] <bilbo> And I'm thinking, "wtf, ... that's his name?  Man, that'd be an awesome name, but that just seems too strange."
[2006-05-13.00:46:58] <bilbo> it's a friggen alias
[2006-05-13.00:47:21] <bilbo> So apparently it's okay to cite articles by people using online aliases in formal papers now.  hahaha
[2006-05-13.00:47:31] <bilbo> There are LOTS of papers citing this too
[2006-05-13.00:47:36] <bilbo> it's here
[2006-05-13.00:48:12] <bilbo> granted it's a pretty good article
[2006-05-13.00:52:02] <bilbo> Of course, if all the important articles are citing it, mine should too, because it's important too.  ;)
[2006-05-13.00:55:37] <bilbo> gawd, the citations even mention Phrack.  It's quite a coup in a way :)